About BitPoker

BitPoker is the first native Bitcoin Social Poker app for iOS.

It is currently available on Cydia by adding the source http://cydia.myrepospace.com/lock/ to your Cydia Sources.

Here are some screenshots. And a youtube video demonstrating the app.


BitPoker is a bitcoin based social poker application that allows user to play with Play Chips or Bit Chips. 1 Bit Chip is equals to 0.00000001 bit coins or 1 satoshi. There are tables with stakes as small as 1/2 satoshis’ and stakes as big as 2.5/5 bitcoins. There are Sit N Go tournament tables, 3 round shoot out tournament tables, and tables where you can just drop in. Every 24 hours you get free Play Chips to play.
You can login with facebook or create an account with BitPoker.
You can build a friend list by adding them in poker tables or by their BitPoker username account. Then you will be notified if your friends are playing a poker game and can join them if you wish. You can also buy virtual goods like beer for yourself or the people your playing with. Create your free account today and start playing right away with 5000 free Play Chips.

Follow BitPoker on twitter @TheBitPoker for future updates and prize events.

Twitter: @TheBitPoker


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